Taking the Easy Way Out is not a Way of Being Kind to Yourself

Confront it head on!

Many people try to avoid difficult situations. They say to themselves, “I think I’ll be kind to myself and take the easy way out. After all, the easy way out involves less effort, less hassle, less stress and it hurts no one.” In reality, taking the easy way out is actually not being kind to yourself because it causes you to miss out on a growth opportunity. Taking advantage of growth opportunities is how we improve our levels of experience, confidence, and self-esteem. Pursuing the easy way out is like betting on a horse to show that’s guaranteed to win. Yes, you do get your money back, but you’re no smarter or better off after the experience than you were before. So, if you truly want to be kind to yourself, the next time you’re faced with a difficult situation, confront it head on. You’ll learn a great deal which will give you the confidence to successfully confront even more difficult situations in the future.

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