People Remember Acts of Kindness

BlueberriesI grew up in southwestern Michigan where a lot of farms grow blueberries. My cousin Chris grew up there too and then moved to central Illinois where no farms grow blueberries. Every year during blueberry season Chris would go back to Michigan to visit her parents and she would bring blueberries back to central Illinois to share with her friends. She has since moved back to Michigan. Recently, she posted a memory from six years ago on Facebook. Here’s how it read: “Just got back from Michigan with blueberries…. Had almost 800 pounds that I delivered. Dad can’t figure out why I put myself through it each year, however this year the berries are wonderful.” One of her friends commented: “We just got back from Michigan and we brought back blueberries. I thought of you and what a labor of love it was for you to bring back blueberries for all of us.” Chris’ response was, “I enjoyed every minute!!!!” Another friend posted, “I miss you too and those blueberries you brought us!!!!” What this example illustrates is that not only do people remember acts of kindness, they remember the people who performed them as well.


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4 thoughts on “People Remember Acts of Kindness

  1. Hi Ross,
    In addition to this, I would say that even if an individual does not remember the specific details of a person’s act of kindness — They certainly remember how they “felt” about it. This lends the hope for a more positive experience with each interaction between those two individuals. Keep up the great posts Ross!

    • Hi Thomas!
      Thank you for your kind and encouraging comments. You hit the nail right on the head which is why kind people are much happier than the rest of the population.
      All the best to you,

  2. Not many blueberries at Krieger’s Nursery this year. Mark and Jame Krieger are in the Twin Cities of Minnesota now and there were no blueberries to bring. They DO have blueberry plants, however. Do you think they would grow in Arizona? Cousin Carol

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