Even Irritating Things Happen for a Reason

Shopping Cart​My friend recently made an evening trip to the grocery store that didn’t go as she expected it to. After she picked up the items she wanted and got ready to check out, she remembered that she needed ice cream. So, she returned to the back of the store to get it. When she got ready to check out again, she remembered that she needed butter and went back for it. When she approached the checkout line for a third time, she noticed that the person behind her had only one item, so she asked her to go in front of her. Next, the checker couldn’t figure out how to ring up her tomato and it took more time which began to irritate her. Just as she was paying for her groceries, a car crashed between two pillars outside the front of the store. When she walked to her car, she realized that her car had been hit first on the passenger side. Had she not had these delays, she would have been unloading groceries into her car on the passenger side and would no doubt have been seriously injured. My friend is very thankful for the way things worked out and offers the following advice: “When things don’t go the way we think they should, don’t get upset. Remember, things happen for a reason. This could be fate handing you a blessing.”

One thought on “Even Irritating Things Happen for a Reason

  1. Yes, isn’t it funny how fate always seems to intervene. Enjoyed reading as usual, Ross. Miss you all. Hope everyone’s health is okay.

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