Performing an Act of Kindness Usually Brings Us Joy and Happiness

OrchidA subscriber shared one of her experiences while shopping at Trader Joe’s: “Before heading to my class at the gym, I stopped by our local Trader Joe’s store to buy a few orchid flower pots to give to the teachers at my daughters’ school. I found one of them to be especially stunning and beautiful. That specific orchid had white petals with purple edges. When I arrived at the cash register that specific pot caught the attention of the checker.  We started talking about how beautiful and unique the color combination was and the fact that none of us had ever seen such a beautiful pot being carried at Trader Joe’s.  It was at that moment that I decided to give that one to her as a gift.  She resisted, but I insisted, and I told her, ‘it’s just an act of love; accept it on behalf of a stranger as an act of love.’ The tears of joy started flowing for both of us; we hugged and smiled! After checking out, I had to go back inside Trader Joe’s to buy another pot (since I had given one away). That day, I was late for my class at the gym but the amount of joy that I experienced by doing this simple act of kindness was worth everything.”

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