A Flight Attendant Shows Us Things Are Not as Bad as We Think They Are

Southwest AirlinesActs of Kindness

My daughter’s friend made the following post on Facebook. The message is so good and so timely, I felt compelled to share it with you. “When I became a flight attendant for Southwest Airlines, I thought I’d be dealing with nothing but jerks, unruly passengers and so forth, but I soon came to realize, those are just the highlighted stories you hear about via the media. In reality, those types of incidents only happen every few months or even longer after having dealt with tens of thousands of good people who are also nice. I was surprised by this ratio—with how many kind acts I witness everyday I’m at work compared to the unkind acts that get reported in the media. Passengers regularly bring us thank you notes, candy and gifts. In addition, they help each other with their bags, giving up their seat without being asked for a couple or a family, buying their neighbor’s drinks, making new friends and so forth. I honestly feel like I’m seeing kind behavior MORE often lately and it makes my heart so full. I was getting a little overwhelmed with all the negativity on my Facebook feed, but after seeing so many kind acts during my recent trip for work, I was reminded that I have a major crush on this world and all the kind people in it. Let’s stop giving the hate and fear any mention or fame at all and focus on all the kind acts that are continually going on around us.”


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