Angels – They’re All Around Us

Photo by Peter Lloyd

Angels are those awesome people who routinely perform acts of kindness as they go about the business of living out their daily lives. They are wonderful to be around and if you start looking for them, you’ll find they’re everywhere. On a recent Monday evening, I was very tired and my wife was working. So, I decided to have dinner at our local Broiler and Tap. After I gave the server my order, I looked around to see who was eating in the lounge area. I noticed there were three late middle-aged people each eating alone. My guess is that they were all widowed. As I continued to observe the goings on, a woman server went to each of these three tables, said something to the person sitting there and then stood by and listened as each of them told her what was on their mind. Before I left, I motioned her over and said, “I have been watching you as you’ve spent time visiting with those people who are eating alone. You are a very kind person and that was such a wonderful thing that you did.” She thanked me for the compliment and said, “I’m a ‘social butterfly,’ it’s what I do.” I said, “No, you are an angel and that’s what angels do.”

One thought on “Angels – They’re All Around Us

  1. Having breakfast with my wife at Bo Jangles yesterday I noticed a young old fellow sitting alone and he looked like he had so many troubling burdens to bear that he could barely keep his head up. As we were leaving I went over and patted him on the shoulder and smiled as a said, “This Bo Jangles chicken will put a smile on anyone’s face, won’t it?:
    And darned if he didn’t smile back at me and say, “It sure does! It sure does!”

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