Angels Often Come in the Form of Total Strangers

A friend from Michigan shared this story with me and I want to pass it on to you. “There are extra nice strangers in this world. I hit a deer this morning and the front-end damage to my car included a destroyed radiator. While waiting for the deputy to arrive to take the report, a nice lady named Dana stopped by to ask if she could help. I told her that I was just waiting for the sheriff and because the car was non-functioning, I was getting cold. She stated that she had to drop her kids off at school, but would come back and let me warm up in her truck while I waited. The deputy was there by the time she returned…with a large cup of coffee for me to warm up with. She had been on her way to work and had called in to say that she would be late. Wow! I thanked her for her kindness and sent her on to work. In addition, Dana made a call to her mother-in-law, who lived basically across the road, and she invited me in while I waited for my ride home to pick me up. Two very nice ladies. They were my angels this morning.”’

One thought on “Angels Often Come in the Form of Total Strangers

  1. Ross, That is a nice story about the lady that helped you out at a time of need. It’s uncommon that someone would circle back to help a stranger nowadays with a hot coffee. All too often, people complain about the small stuff that goes wrong. Even if some days have passed, I encourage you to send a handwritten thank you note. Also, be sure to pay it forward to the next stranger that needs help!

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