Advice for Enjoying Life from a Bartender

Good Day Coffee MugLiving The Dream

On a recent Monday evening, my wife was working late and I was too tired to cook. So, I went to a broiler and tap near my home for my favorite sliders. Since I was alone, I sat at the bar and placed my order with the bartender whose name was Rachel. After I placed my order, I asked her how her day was going. She responded with, “Living the dream.” I then asked if she was serious or being facetious. She emphatically came back with, “If I don’t enjoy every day of my life, I make changes.” I thought, “Wow, what an answer!” Rachel didn’t sit around and whine, mope or feel sorry for herself if she didn’t like where her life was leading. Instead, she took charge and made the necessary changes to make her life enjoyable again. We would all do well to follow her advice.

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2 thoughts on “Advice for Enjoying Life from a Bartender

  1. The bartender’s thought of “living the dream” on a daily basis inspired this note to my daughter. I hope that she reads into it that change, like the bartender mentioned, is usually necessary for growth…
    A fan,
    George Williams

    Another thought provoking article from Ross Reck..

    Am I, or was I, and, are you, “living the dream?”

    On reflection, there are several (I really should say,”many”) periods in my life when I was actually “living the dream,” mostly without being conscious of it…

    Upon further reflection I realize that the times I was studying and working toward a goal or accomplishment I thought would have me living the dream, I was the most focused, the most involved, and usually the happiest…

    At one point, just past being a newlywed, we were living in a cottage in a small beach resort area, and I remember distinctly saying, ” I have it all; a beautiful wife, a new baby, a dog, a house by the sea, and a job I like; what more could I ask for?”

    I actuality, I was living the dream in the peripherals…

    Even now I stop “to smell the roses,” offer up a quick prayer of gratitude, and smile… for me, “living the dream has been, not some glorious moment, but a lifestyle…


  2. You have a favorite place for SLIDERS and you never told me?!?!? I’ll expect a detailed map when I come to February. Your favorite cousin in Minnesota

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