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My latest book, 100% Employee Engagement - Guaranteed! is now available as an eBook.

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This book presents a new leadership model that guarantees an employee engagement level of 100%. Putting this simple, three-step formula to work in your business—profit or nonprofit—will ensure that 100% of your employees will become engaged with their work—all working to their full potential. As a result, your employees will get more done, have more fun and generate way more profit.

This should be exciting news to leaders who are struggling to deal with the changing landscape of employee issues revealed in a recent global study conducted by the Gallup organization. It found that only 13 percent of employees are engaged with their work. This means that slightly more than one in ten employees are willing to do whatever it takes to make their company successful. On the other hand, nearly nine in ten aren’t working anywhere near their potential— they’re either apathetic toward their job, doing the minimum amount to get by or actively doing things to undermine the success of the business.

100% Employee Engagement—Guaranteed! will reveal:

  • The simple, three-step formula to establish an environment where every employee is engaged with their work
  • The new role that leaders must play in today’s changing marketplace to keep the employee engagement level at 100%
  • How the leadership practices at leading companies like Google, W. L. Gore & Associates, Southwest Airlines and Zappos embrace this new leadership model.

100% Employee Engagement—Guaranteed doesn’t over-promise and under-deliver. Combining a research-based formula with case studies that show it in action in some of today’s leading organizations, this book delivers a true solution to guarantee an employee engagement level of 100%.



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Serving Others helps keep us Younger

Art FettigArt Fettig, an 85 year old American author, speaker, song writer, poet and playwright, made an eloquent comment on my Reminder from two weeks ago about the 74 year old coach that set aside retirement to make a difference. It resonated so strongly with me that I’d like to share it with you. He said, “Ross, what a great story. When folks discover the pure joy to be found in some way serving others their aging takes a back seat and they find youth they’ve never known was there.” Doing kind things for others energizes us because it makes us feel good. It tells us that we are still making a meaningful contribution in this world. So, if you want to discover some of that lost youth and experience the boost in energy that comes along with it, get out there and spread some kindness. This time of the year, there are lots of opportunities to do just that.

Do Something Joyful

Trader Joe'sI went to Trader Joe’s the other day feeling a little bit down. As I approached the counter with my cart full of groceries, I asked the checker how she was doing. She smiled and answered, “Every day’s a gift.” She then asked how I was doing. I said I was “hanging in there.” She responded with, “Are you in some kind of a funk?” I said, “Yes, I think so.” She then looked up at me and said, “Do something joyful.” I decide to try to follow her advice. After I returned and put the groceries away, I worked out at the YMCA. The experience was pleasant, but not joyful. I then cleaned part of the garage. I experienced a sense of accomplishment, but still no joy. I then cooked dinner for a friend who is experiencing health issues on a number of fronts which have left him weak and very tired. I took the dinner to his home and we visited for an hour and a half. This experience was not only pleasant, it was truly joyful!  It snapped me out of my funk and I felt great for the rest of the day. So the next time you find yourself in a funk or feeling sorry for yourself, do something joyful for someone else. I guarantee it will make the rest of your day a whole lot better.

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