Update on My Dog-Walking Neighbor

Mike Dog CansAs I mentioned nearly a year ago, Mike is a neighbor of mine who takes his dogs on long walks three times a day. During these walks, he picks up any discarded aluminum cans he finds and some of the people on his route save their cans for him to pick up as he walks by their homes. He sells the cans to an aluminum recycler for $1.00 per pound and donates the money to an animal rescue shelter. This past Saturday, he walked by my house while I was cleaning the garage and stopped to give me an update. During this past calendar, his can collecting netted $1,600 for the animal rescue shelter. To appreciate the magnitude of his efforts, consider that it takes 25 aluminum cans to make a pound. This means he collected 40,000 cans this past year during his walks! That’s pretty amazing when you think about it. In addition:

  • Mike was healthier.
  • His dogs were happier and healthier.
  • The neighborhood looks better.
  • The environment was improved.
  • Mike got to interact with a lot of neighbors
  • Numerous animals were cared for and found loving homes.

Mike took the simple act of walking his dogs and turned it into an activity that had a meaningful and multi-dimension impact. The world could use more Mikes.

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