Turning Your Customers into Long-Term Friends

The Secret Sauce that Guarantees Repeat and Referral Sales

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What makes a sales person an outstanding success? Is it a well-rehearsed canned pitch? A catchy close? NO!

What sets selling superstars apart from the others is their ability to get their customers to sell for them. These incredibly successful individuals are masters at building and maintaining a network of loyal and committed customers who not only continue to buy from them on an ongoing basis, but actively bring them new customers as well. These superstars are not interested in closing short-term sales; they’re concerned with building and maintaining long-term friendships with their customers.

Turning Your Customers into Long-Term Friends will show participants how to use Ross Reck’s simple four-step sales model to build and maintain a base of loyal and committed customers who actually do much of their selling for them. The four steps are:

  • Win-Win Plans
  • Win-Win Relationships
  • Win-Win Agreements
  • Win-Win Maintenance

These four steps will enable participants to dramatically increase the amount of business they bring in with less effort, less stress and less burnout. Below are some examples of what Ross Reck’s sales program can do for you and your organization:

  • Hunt-Wesson Foods had just come off a disastrous sales year and the sales organization was under tremendous pressure to turn things around. The company put its entire sales staff through Ross Reck’s sales program and that very same year the company set a sales record.
  • Janssen-Ortho, Inc., a pharmaceutical company in based Toronto, had a product called Duragesic, which is a timed-release patch for managing pain used by chemotherapy patients. The sales curve for this product was pointing steeply downward. Ross taught the entire sales force how to use his using his four-step sales model and immediately the sales curve for this product started pointing straight up and the product is still thriving today.

Delivery Method for the Program

Pre-Work: I highly recommend the following activity:

Using the Sales Problem Solicitation Questionnaire (PDF), each participant develops a detailed written scenario of a sales problem they are currently experiencing. The participants will bring these scenarios to the program and they will function as case studies. After the instructional part of the program has been completed, the class will be divided into “consulting teams” of 4-6 people. Each team will select one of the problem scenarios and, using the Sales Planning Guidelines (PDF), will develop a solution. The groups will then present their problems and solutions to the rest of the class and invite additional input from the other participants. The instructor will then debrief each group. This exercise is a very effective part of the program, because it is where learning is transferred into action.

Presentation of Core Material: The delivery method used to present this material will be a combination of small group discussion, group exercises, case study, and very lively lecture/discussion. Numerous and hard-hitting anecdotes from Ross Reck’s thirty years of consulting experience will be used to drive home key points.