Another Reason Why I Love Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe'sTrader Joe’s has earned the distinction of being “America’s Favorite Grocery Store” three out of the last four years and for good reason. This past November, my wife asked me to go to Trader Joe’s with a grocery list containing nine new holiday novelty items that were featured in its monthly publication—The Fearless Flyer. Since these items were all new, I had no idea where to find them in the store and began to experience a bit of anxiety. As I stood in front of the store with a “deer in the headlights” look on my face, a crew member asked me if everything was alright. After I explained my situation to her, she grabbed hold of my shopping cart and my list and said, “No problem, follow me.” In less than five minutes all nine of these new items were in my cart and my anxiety was gone. This crew member then gave me a hug and told me to have a great day. Where else are you going to find caring personal service like this?

One thought on “Another Reason Why I Love Trader Joe’s

  1. Ross, all the crew at Trader Joe’s give you hugs. You’re just that kind of guy. Enjoy.
    P.S. Your Reminder came through on our new email address. Thanks for making the change.

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