‘Team:’ Work Jargon or is it Real?

For the last 20 years, it has been common in the workplace to start an email with “Team.” This became widely used as organizations decided that the team approach lead to more cooperation and higher productivity. But, is your team really a team? Is teamwork a strong workplace value with each member feeling they are a valued team member? A recent Gallup poll indicated that 68 percent of employees are not engaged with their work meaning they’re either apathetic toward their job or doing the least amount to get by. How is it in your workplace? Even if your leadership isn’t on board with enhancing your morale, you spend 40 or more hours a week with your coworkers. Each of us can impact our team daily by being kind and appreciative to our coworkers. What can you do today to help your team be a real team?

One thought on “‘Team:’ Work Jargon or is it Real?

  1. TEAM: First off everyone needs to start with a “good attitude”. I have found that many of the co-workers come to work with things on their mind such as: family issues, hate my job, don’t receive gratification from my job, no one gives a damn, etc. Then you have the ones who are doing “more than their share” to make it work.

    Unfortunately, I dealt with many of these “types” and decided to move to a job that was created for me to be the only one responsible for getting it done on my shift. Yes, I interacted with these “teams”, however, it was my choice to do so and I was able to “leave the situation” when it became negative.

    I like to play devils advocate and look at both sides of the spectrum. Have done so since I took a composition class in college. I usually left the “team” with thoughts and other ways to approach the issue. I never told them outright what I thought. I believe that was their decision to make but did give them other shades of the rainbow to consider.

    Thanks for the blog. Look forward to reading them.

    Have a wonderful day, cousin Ross!!!! Please tell everyone “hi” for me and love you all. Cousin Linda

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