Refugee High School Students in Fargo say Thank You by Giving Back


A great lesson to be learned.

Since 2002, Fargo, North Dakota has become home to more than 4,000 refugees from places like Bhutan, Somalia, Iraq, DRC, Liberia and Sudan. That’s a pretty amazing feat considering that Fargo has a population of only 120,000. According to an article by Dave Kolpack which appeared in a recent issue of The Arizona Republic, a group of high school students from these refugee families decided to give back by initiating public service projects including making and distributing fleece blankets to the homeless, running a school carnival, and volunteering at nursing homes and day care centers. They have also opened a food pantry in a neighborhood that has a lot of low income families and spent the Thursday before the Thanksgiving holiday handing out turkeys and cranberries to people in need. What a wonderful example these people have provided for the rest of us. Congratulations to the fine citizens of Fargo and these refugee high school students for a job very well done.

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