Performing Kind Acts Makes You Feel Wonderful

​A story by Justin Pazera about a very kind act was recently posted on The story began, “…when 12-year old Vanessa, who lives in west Phoenix, wrote her address and a wish for books and on a balloon and let it go. Several days later it landed 20-miles away in Mesa.” Two sisters, Kathy Schumacher and Barb Mattingly, found the balloon and decided to make the wish come true by sending Vanessa the books she asked for. Then Vanessa decided she wanted to meet the two ladies who sent her those books. Last week, the three met in a small conference room in the Phoenix Library. “Barb and Kathy brought Vanessa’s balloon to give back to Vanessa to one day show her own children that wishes really do come true.” When the three met, Vanessa said, “I have a lump in my throat right now.” She went on to say, “I thought that nobody would actually buy me the books but now I see there is kindness in this world. The two sisters said they’re just happy the balloon landed in the right spot. “’Just do something nice,’ says Barb. ‘It makes you feel good. And if you can make a child feel good, just do it.’” If you would like to read this entire wonderful story or view the video clip of their meeting, here’s the link.

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