Michael F. Mass – Amazon Customer Review

More Career Validation from Ross Reck

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“Ross presents a solid four step sales model, wrapped around win-win principles, which WILL generate repeat business and referrals. It’s all about building trust with your customers. He gives a lot of real world examples to back up his model. I had a quite successful 34 year career with a small pharmaceutical company, so I especially liked the example of the Rogaine rep going the extra mile to get a video to a patient concerned about hair loss. The result was an immediate increase in trust with the patient’s doctor. Similar instances of extra effort were the hallmark of successful reps in my small company. At the end of my career, as my small company was bought out by “Big Pharma”, calls per day became the most important criteria in evaluating a rep. Ross has some strong thoughts on the value of this metric. Ross has again validated the successes that I enjoyed in my career.”

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