Life is a Lot More Fun When You Swing the Bat

Baseball BatI used to play on a co-ed softball team and I was, by far, the oldest person on the team. One night, as I was picking up a bat, Heather, who batted ahead of me said, “When I first started playing, people would say to me, ‘Keep the bat on your shoulder and try to get a walk.’ But, I recently discovered that this game is a lot more fun when you swing the bat.” The same lesson holds true for life. If you go through life with the bat on your shoulder–yes, you’ll get an occasional free pass, but you’ll never know the thrill and excitement of getting around those bases because of your own doing–plus, the waiting time between free passes can be long and boring. So, if you want your life to be richer and more fulfilling, take that bat off your shoulder and start swinging at the many opportunities that life throws your way. Just as in softball, you’ll quickly discover that life is a lot more fun when you swing the bat.

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One thought on “Life is a Lot More Fun When You Swing the Bat

  1. Re Human the Bat, in a college course on human relations I heard and took to heart a similar phrase,”you can’t get to second base without leaving first base”…

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