Life is a Journey, Not a Competition

Life is a journey

Life is a journey….

​An article by Peggy Drexler, which recently appeared in The Wall Street Journal, cited the 80-year-long Harvard Study of Adult Development which found that, “…it’s not Money or fame, nor possessions or looks, that lead to happiness but, rather, strong relationships.” Strong personal relationships with people we love and care about who are honest, transparent, comfortable in their own skin, and not taken with the game of “worldly one-upmanship.” The problem is that most people refuse believe this, and they spend their lives chasing fame, fortune, possessions and looks and then make themselves miserable by resenting those who appear to have more than they do. I saw a quote recently on Facebook that went something like: “I’m happy for people who are healthy and successful. Life is a journey, not a competition.” Viewing life as a competition takes all the fun out of it and essentially guarantees we’ll spend much of our time be unhappy or even miserable. Instead, choose to view life as a journey and enjoy the ride.

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