You Can Always Count on Trader Joe’s to do the Right Thing

Trader Joes - Ross Reck

Trader Joes

My friend Mary shared a recent shopping experience she had at Trader Joe’s: “I went shopping at Trader Joe’s Thursday to get three little bouquets of flowers for friends that have not been attending our antique club meetings due to illness. After purchasing them, I asked a gentleman in the booth if he had a scissors I could use to take the price tags off. He said, ‘I have something in my back pocket that I will use.’ He then inquired about where the flowers were going, and I gave him a little information. He then walked over to the candy display and gave me three boxes of chocolates to give the girls. I was floored and speechless and it certainly made my day! I shared my story with the girls and they said their opinion of TJ’s just went up 100% and it REALLY made them smile.” The employees at Trader Joe’s routinely make it a point to go out of their way to do the right thing which makes it a very special place to shop.

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3 thoughts on “You Can Always Count on Trader Joe’s to do the Right Thing

  1. Hello Dr. Ross,

    Thank you for sending us the weekly newsletters; all the stories are short, to the point, and most importantly they convey an important message. The articles make us ponder for a few minutes and sometimes they have domino affects on our behaviors and decisions. When I read the Trader Joe’s article, it reminded me of a story from a few months back. I would like to share that story with you; and please feel free to share.

    Before heading to my class at the gym, I stopped by our local Trader Joe’s store to buy a few orchid flower pots to gift to the teachers in my daughters’ school; I found one of them especially stunning and beautiful. That specific orchid had white petals with purple edges. At the cash register that specific pot caught the attention of the lady helping me at the cash register. We started talking about how beautiful and unique the color combination was and the fact that none of us had ever seen such a beautiful pot being carried at Trader Joe’s. It was at that moment that I decided to give that one to her as a gift. She resisted so much; but I insisted and I told her it’s just an “act of love”; accept it on behalf of a stranger as an “act of love”. The tears of joy started flowing for both of us; we hugged and smiled!

    After checking out, I got inside Trader Joe’s again to buy another pot (as the flower pots were for the teachers by count). That day, I was late for my class but the amount of joy that I experienced by doing this simple act of kindness was worth everything.

    • Hello Paulette,

      Thank you so much for your kind comments about my Weekly Reminder and thank you for sharing your Trader Joe’s story. I will use it in next week’s Reminder–it’s a wonderful story. Please keep performing your kind acts.

      All the best to you,

      Ross Reck

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